Sage Intacct Success Story: Wilson City Arkansas

Wilson City Thrives in Hospitality with Sage Intacct’s Ease of Use

About Wilson City Arkansas:

Wilson City is nestled in the heart of the Arkansas delta along the Blues Highway. It is a major agricultural hub and thrives on hospitality, exquisite farm-to-table dining, design-centered placemaking, and progressive education. The city is involved in various financial activities, with Daniel D’Alto overseeing a controller role specializing in bookkeeping and managing specialized projects.

Streamlining for Growth and Success:

Wilson City invites visitors to stay a while and explore all its innovations and respected history. Since more innovations are happening in the future, they needed an accounting system that could streamline different workflows in the hospitality industry. Their growth demanded a solution like Sage Intacct that could directly handle multiple plug-ins to the accounting system so they could get the most out of their data. When Wilson City felt the right time to move from its legacy product, they contacted Sage experts, Acumen Information Systems, to explore their options.

Acumen worked closely with Wilson City to lay out all the features they were looking for, which included integrations and customized reporting by business unit. At the time, it was a much more cumbersome process for customized reports with their legacy solution. They needed a new accounting system to handle reporting directly instead of manually manipulating multiple spreadsheets. After the Acumen team answered all of Wilson City’s questions and presented a live demonstration of Sage Intacct, it was a no-brainer that the solution was the best fit for their multi-entity approach. The bulk of their work was now shifted from creating the report to analyzing data for future budgeting and planning.

Implementing Sage Intacct for Hospitality:

The implementation process was facilitated through detailed training modules, ensuring a smooth shift for the financial team. All the common initial concerns during an ERP conversion faded and were quickly replaced by a newfound appreciation for Sage Intacct’s efficiency.

“We are extremely grateful for Acumen and massive fans of how they did our project tracking through different conversions. Acumen’s detail-oriented approach was consistently communicated with our team members, and was extremely helpful during the implementation process,”

Daniel d’alto,
Director of Business Services and Bookkeeper for Wilson City

Becoming More Efficient Since Moving to the Cloud:

The ability to connect third-party applications and work remotely was very beneficial for Wilson City. The staff needed to be able to perform accounting activities wherever and whenever through a centralized platform. Before Sage Intacct, their previous system required multiple VPNs and a desktop computer to get into the system. Now that Wilson City has been using Sage Intacct, there has been a relief of ease on how to do daily tasks and has improved their financial reporting. The staff can now develop customized reports to compare the budget from the prior month, prior year, and current year. “Wilson City reviews financial reports at least once or twice a month and changes strategies accordingly because of the live data inputted into Sage Intacct. Before, we had to review the data during the month-end, and it took us a month or two to close out. Now we have gotten the process down in a more efficient way which has saved us time.”

Process Improvements for Sustainable Growth:

Wilson City has automated many processes since switching to Sage Intacct. Accounts Receivable automation, especially for recurring invoices, marked a noticeable improvement. “Wilson City has a lot of rental properties, so the ability to set up recurring invoices has been helpful. When we manage all properties, you only have to set up the recurring invoices once and roll forward each month while making a few changes,” said Daniel. In addition to the efficiency gained through recurring invoices, Sage Intacct’s Account Receivable automation has further streamlined Wilson City’s financial operations. The software provides real-time visibility into receivables, allowing for better monitoring and management of cash flow. By automating the tracking of payments and generating accurate and up-to-date financial reports, Wilson City has experienced enhanced financial transparency. This facilitates more informed decision-making and reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual data entry.

Prepared for Future Success:

Overall, the implementation of Sage Intacct has positioned Wilson City on a trajectory of sustained growth, fostering an environment where innovation and financial dexterity intersect. The city’s ability to adapt and leverage modern technologies reflects its commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences while ensuring long-term financial sustainability. As Wilson City continues to evolve, the partnership with Acumen and Sage Intacct stands as a testament to the power of strategic technology adoption in moving the community toward success.

Sage Intacct Partner for Hospitality:

If you want to learn more about Sage Intacct or how we can help your hospitality business, contact Acumen today or call us at 407-965-2411.

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