Sage Intacct Success Story: Aileron Management

Company Overview

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Aileron Management is a dynamic hospitality management company for high-quality hotels throughout the United States. Aileron Management is known for its flexible, full-spectrum approach that creates memorable experiences, leaving guests delighted and steering their properties toward lasting success.

Setting Up for Success

Aileron Management started as a startup company in early 2019. Like most startups in the early stages, they explored accounting systems that would best fit their growing business. As Aileron Management brought on three hotels, they quickly realized they needed a scalable solution to handle multiple locations. Starting as a new company, it allowed Aileron Management to consider all accounting options. Aileron did not have to migrate to a specific accounting solution; instead, they had a clean slate to evaluate every software available for their specific hotel needs. Aileron Management selected Sage Intacct following a review of industry trends, discovery calls, and working with Acumen as their Sage Partner.

“There were a couple of things that helped us decide to use Sage. Sage Intacct was scalable. We could use the solution when we started small and grow as large as we wanted. We knew that we did not have to change systems along the way. The second deciding factor was that Sage Intacct had the AICPA seal of approval, which was a big deal for us and gave the solution credibility,”

Jason Boehm, CEO of Aileron Management.

Support for Reporting

Sage Intacct effectively supports Aileron’s reporting needs. The system integrates seamlessly with multiple hospitality solutions like ProfitSword, a business reporting tool used to consolidate and synchronize hotel revenue data. The integration between Sage Intacct and ProfitSword enables Aileron Management to generate P&L reports efficiently, providing valuable insights for their decision-makers.

Delivering Efficiency & Connectivity

When it comes to finances, Sage Intacct provides Aileron with the capability to manage at the highest level and drill down into financial details. Aileron operates in multiple locations, and each location has a separate trial balance. Therefore, customization in reporting and analysis is of utmost importance. Sage Intacct enables Aileron Management to enter journal entries more efficiently across multiple entities and consolidate reporting on a much more condensed schedule to meet the needs of flash reporting in their month-end close process.

“There are many systems out there that can slow you down and cause your company to be inefficient, but I don’t see that with Sage Intacct. It does everything we need; it has a good interface and financial reporting capabilities. With Sage Intacct, we can quickly get financial results back to operations so they can drive the business better,”

Josh Slack, CFO of Aileron Management.

User-Friendliness for a Growing Team

During the discovery process, Acumen was able to help set up Sage Intacct the way Aileron needed it. When new team members join Aileron, they only need a few hours to go through key features of the system, such as how to book journal entries, post bills, and credits, and navigate the system in general. New team members pick up Sage Intacct quickly since it is a simple solution for day-to-day users.

Impressions of Sage Intacct and Acumen Services

Aileron Management has been impressed with Sage Intacct’s user-friendliness, system speed, and reliability. Acumen’s expertise in setting up Sage Intacct to align with the company’s requirements was crucial in the successful implementation. Aileron was very pleased with the responsive support and guidance during the setup process, making Acumen a trusted partner for Aileron Management.

Overall, Aileron Management’s adoption of Sage Intacct has significantly improved their financial management and reporting capabilities, enabling them to navigate the challenges of rapid growth in the hospitality industry effectively. The scalability, integration opportunities, and user-friendly nature of Sage Intacct have proven to be valuable assets in achieving their financial goals.

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