Is Your Sage 300 Prepared for Cyberattacks?

Is Your Sage 300 Prepared for Cyberattacks?

When we think of cyberattacks, we often picture large corporations with extensive security measures in place. However, it’s a common misconception to believe that only these corporate giants are vulnerable. In reality, even medium-sized businesses that rely on Sage 300 face their own unique set of cybersecurity challenges and should implement targeted solutions to mitigate the risk of falling victim to cyberattacks. In this blog post, we will examine statistics to provide insights into the growing trend of cyberattacks.

Cyberattack Statistics:

1. Medium Business Vulnerability:

Small to medium-sized businesses are currently experiencing a staggering 350% more cyberattacks compared to their larger counterparts. This underscores the urgent need for heightened cybersecurity measures, even if you don’t consider your business a giant in the industry.

2. Financial Consequences:

Shockingly, one in every five businesses faces the threat of near insolvency due to falling victim to cybercrime. This statistic should serve as a stark reminder of the potential financial ruin that can result from not adequately protecting your business.

3. Smarter Cybercriminals:

The threat landscape is evolving rapidly, with cybercriminals continuously refining their tactics. They are now estimated to cause damages totaling a staggering $6 trillion annually. To put this into perspective, that equates to $5 billion worth of damage every month, $115.4 billion each week, and $16.4 billion every day. The numbers are alarming, emphasizing the relentless nature of the threat.

4. Rising Value of Personal Data:

Personal data has become a valuable commodity in the digital age. Cybercriminals often target it for financial gain. As a result, businesses need to take measures to safeguard the sensitive information of their customers and employees, not only for their protection but also for the preservation of the company’s reputation and trustworthiness.

Act Now to Secure Your Sage 300

In light of these statistics, it is crucial to act promptly. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out to your Acumen Account Manager to initiate a discussion about how vulnerable your Sage 300 system might be and what specific steps you can take to safeguard your operations, protect your reputation, and secure your valuable financial data. Your proactive measures today can be the difference between thriving in the digital age or becoming victim to the constantly changing cyber threat landscape.

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