Sage 300: 1099 Form Guide

What is an IRS 1099 Form?

1099 Forms are a series of documents used in the United States for various tax purposes that include reporting income other than wages, salaries, and tips. These tax forms are typically documented by an individual or business that isn’t your employer.

It is important to note that businesses are required to report these payments to the IRS as well as to the recipient. The 1099 forms are usually required to be provided by January 31st and you must file the forms with the IRS by February 28th (or March 31st if filed electronically).

Sage 300 Desktop now supports three (3) types of 1099 forms. These forms include 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, and 1099-NEC.

What You Need to Know: 1099s for Sage 300

For clients on version 2020, 2021, or 2022, you are good to process 1099’s since there are no changes to the forms for reporting requirements from last year. For clients running version 2019 or older, Acumen has created a tool that can help you automate the 1099 process in Sage 300.

After watching the videos, if you have any additional questions regarding the 1099 process, then contact to open a support ticket. If you are interested in the Acumen Tool then please contact your Account Manager at

Where to Purchase 1099 and 1096 Forms

If you are looking to purchase Sage Software-compatible tax forms and business forms then click on the link below. These forms are guaranteed 100% compatible with Sage Software.

Sage 300: 1099 Videos:

Sage 300: Step-By-Step 1099 Process

  1. Open Sage 300
  2. Select ‘Accounts Payable’
  3. Select ‘A/P Vendors’
  4. Select ‘1099/CPRS Amounts’
  5. If all you need is to print the 1099 documents then skip to step 10
  6. Enter the Vendor Number or use the finder
  7. If the Vendor is already defined as a 1099 Vendor then the 1099/CPRS Code will be defined. If not add the corresponding code or look it up with the finder
  8. Enter the Year for which you are inquiring
  9. To edit or add a payment, click on the corresponding detail line and make the adequate adjustments
  10. After making the adjustments click save
  11. To print the 1099 forms click on “File” on the top left-hand corner of the window and then “Print”
  12. Make sure the “For Tax Year” is correct
  13. Enter the Print Date (should default to the current date)
  14. Select 1099 from the Tax Reporting dropdown
  15. Choose the correct Form to print your 1099
  16. Enter the Federal Tax No.
  17. Select what range of vendors to print. You may enter them manually or use the finder
  18. Do the same for the 1099/CPRS Code
  19. Select Print

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